In the RAPID silicone casting process developed by TEUFEL Prototypes, silicone that is identical to the series is poured into a printed mold. The shape is not subject to wear and tear, so quantities from one to almost unlimited quantities can be produced. The TEUFEL prototype RAPID silicone casting process is therefore ideally suited for the production of silicone parts in small and medium quantities.

- delivery time for first parts is 4-5 working days
- various silicone types available
- silicone parts can be colored in many colors (also transparent)
- food-grade and biocompatible silicones possible
- different shore hardnesses possible (> 15 SHA)
- temperature resistance up to 250 ° C possible

The most important difference to common 3D printing processes is the use of silicones from series production and not variants modified for 3D printing. Thus you get 100% of the desired properties of your product.