• Baugruppen im Vakuumgussverfahren.We produce complete assemblies of vaccum casting parts for you.
  • Lichtscheiben für Lichttests und Leuchtstudien.Precise back lights for light tests or design tests are an application of vacuum castings.
  • Baugruppen bis zu einer maximalen Stückzahl von 20 bis 25 Teilen.For assemblies with maximum quantity of 50-100 pieces of vacuum casting is suitable.
  • Zwei Komponenten (2k) Gießteile im Vakuumgussverfahren.We gladly produce two-component vacuum castings for your demanding applications.


Vacuum casting parts are using master patterns (usually SLA produced) and silicone molds. With each silicone mold 20-25 casts can be manufactured. The method is suitable for small series and exhibition patterns. In addition, selected environmental aspects as well as the effect of colors and finishes can be assessd werden. We manufacture for you:

- Components of up to 500 x 500 mm size

- Crystal clear parts (e.g. for fiber optics / lights )

- Elastomeric parts (40 to 90 Shore A)

- Parts with integral hinge

Here we guarantee a temperature stability in the range of minus 20 degrees celsius up to plus 120 degrees celsius. In the download section you will find here our material datasheets.